How To Position Yourself For Predictive Profits – Industry Change Ep 13 with Steve Brossman

On this week’s episode of Industry change, I sit down with influencer, former athlete and best-selling author, Steve Brossman. We talk all about positioning yourself as a personal trainer in order to find success in your market no matter how often the environment changes.

Steve has found success in doing many things, from owning health clubs to writing best sellers to being a professional athlete. Over the 30 years he has spent in the industry he has coined the phrase, “Your perceived position predicts your profit.” So if you want to earn more profit in your business, it’s simply about changing the way that people see you.

Too many people in the fitness industry are competing against each other, simply because they are not clear on who they are, what they do and who they best serve. This is your triple threat. It’s essential that you find your specialty, do things differently from other and use that positioning to find your people.

An easy way to find out what your specialty is, or what makes you different is to look at the major result you’ve achieved for your clients then look at what you did to help them get those results and ensure your positioning surrounds itself around that.

Reduce Your Marketing Spend (and don’t pay a cent more)

They way you package yourself or position yourself to your clients and leads has a massive impact on the amount of money that you will spend on marketing. You see, if you position yourself as just another trainer you’re like a brown box in a sea of other brown boxes and what would makes someone choose you over another brown box that looks exactly like you?

You may be awesome on the inside – but nobody knows because the way you position yourself on the outside looks like everyone else.

But when you find our difference, that one thing that you are passionate about and show that on the front end – then you become the blue box in a sea of brown boxes. And people want to buy the blue box. The way you package yourself serves as a communication method for what your service is, so changing the way you package and position can make you more and more attractive in your industry.

The concept of positioning might sound easy, but actually going through the process is where the difficulty comes. Just remember, you don’t have to be the best in the world, you just have to be the best in their world. If you have helped someone or a group of people, you have the right to share your knowledge and expertise to get it out there and help people and share your passion.

Richard and Steve also talk in more detail about their views on social media, the idea of being an expert, tricks on finding success while working with a partner, and a whole lot more take aways. Watch the full video to find out more!

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