Fitness Show Conversations | Quick Wins with COM Ep 58

Through my own experience I have learned so far a single conversation can get you anywhere. Whether it is simply building a new relationship or signing a new client, conversations are the key to getting started. The fitness industry is all about building trust between the client and the business. Without trust and communication, it is difficult to generate new leads and long term clients. This trust begins with a single conversation.

Think about how can you, personally, engage in more conversations?

Attending events like fitness shows, you will meet a wide range of people you do and don’t know. Events like these are a great place to get your foot in the door and engage with other individuals who clearly have a similar interest to you. Knowing that you already have something in common can make it easier to start that initial conversation.

If you can have a conversation with somebody that you don’t know in the fitness industry, maybe a trainer that works with you, an industry presenter, or a client you bump into you are going to start that new relationship or continue to build on an already existing one. That conversation can soon turn into a collaboration and maybe even a community. I strongly believe that this is the start and way forward in your business.

If you are a personal trainer that is mobile and regional, then coming to an event like a Fitness Show you can start to reach out and start those initial conversations, collaborations, and from there you will be able to expand your community. Growing your community will continue to widen your reach and contact with potential clients.

The next time you or someone from your business attends a new event start to think about ways to start conversations that will lead to something bigger or greater, something that can build up your community. If we stay in our bubbles and preexisting conversations, we are just dwelling in the moment and not opening ourselves up to new interactions. Closing yourself off makes it very difficult to continue to grow.

The next conversation has the potential to lead to the next client, a new deal you might be having in your business. The more you work to put yourself out there and invest time with the people in your fitness community the more you will get out of it. So think about next time how can you engage in more conversations?


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