Breakthrough The Fear To Grow Your Business | QWWC Ep 65

It’s 2019 – are you ready to go to a new level in your business this year? What is stopping you? Or are you full steam ahead to realise those dreams?

Tony Mennillo is an alumni of our COM Ninja Program and a fantastic Personal Trainer in based in Adelaide. For 13 years he owned a warehouse space, but because of fear operated out of his (way to small) older facility. After 8 months in the Ninja Program he knew it was time to go to the next level.

I visited him to take a look through the shell of the new facility and to get his take on how you go from crippling fear to stepping into that next level for your business.

1. Believe In Yourself

Most people think going to the next level in your business takes a lot of hard work, possible capital, systems, buildings, etc. And it does. But before any of that you have to get your mindset right.

If you go full steam ahead but don’t have the right mindset (ie you don’t believe you can do it), then you won’t get very far before you are gripped by fear or give up because it gets too hard.

Some great ideas for working on mindset are:

  • Visualisation Exercises. Visualise yourself in that new facility, or teaching that new class, or hiring those new trainers.
  • Affirmation Statements. Every morning and evening repeat affirmation statement to yourself. The more you speak to yourself, the more you’ll start to believe it.
  • Write down all your successes. Remind yourself of what you’ve accomplished so far.

2. Know Your Numbers

Some people are great at numbers and love them. Other people prefer to ignore them. You don’t have to be a superstar. But you do have to know where you are right now, what it’s going to take to get to where you want to be.

In fact, it’s even better if you can surround yourself with great advisers who can help you understand your numbers, understand how far you can go, what’s possible, etc.

Key numbers to know is what you’re expenses are, what your income is, how much profit you are making, how many leads do you need in order to get the sales targets you need.

3. Get The Right Structures In Place

If you don’t have the right systems in place and you are scaling fast you’ll find yourself in chaos very quickly. When your just a single operator – it’s easy – you do everything. But when you start to expand, you bring on new staff and quite often those new staff members don’t understand how you do things or more importantly WHY you do things.

It’s crucial that you start to develop systems BEFORE you start to scale or grow, that way you know how YOU want things to be done.

4. Don’t Procrastinate

Nike has it right – JUST DO IT. Sometimes you’ve just go to stop planning, stop dreaming, and START. Make that call to have a look at that new location, put out a call to your members asking if they’d like a new class. Whatever it is – take action and do it today (not tomorrow).

BONUS: Start Marketing Now

One more bonus point for you is to start marketing your new location, your new class, etc. BEFORE you open. You can get some massive results from pre-sales and it gets people excited and feels like they’re on the inside.

The bottom line is don’t let fear hold you back from growing your business.

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