Why The Latest Instagram Hack WON’T Grow Your Fitness Business

There’s no doubt about it marketing looks very different in 2019 to what it did a few years ago – even a year ago! So what do you need to do in 2019 to level up your marketing? So many business owners are trying to play the short game with the newest Instagram tactics or […]

The Key To Reducing Your Marketing Spend With Tarek Chouja | Industry Change Ep 18

I was lucky enough to sit down with my good friend and Co-Founder of Functional Training Institute, Tarek Michael-Chouja to talk about their new book that launched this week! Tarek is one of the innovators of functional training and shares his message not only across Australia, but globally. The truth about marketing is that if […]

Breakthrough The Fear To Grow Your Business | QWWC Ep 65

It’s 2019 – are you ready to go to a new level in your business this year? What is stopping you? Or are you full steam ahead to realise those dreams? Tony Mennillo is an alumni of our COM Ninja Program and a fantastic Personal Trainer in based in Adelaide. For 13 years he owned […]

Are Free PT Trials Dead | Quick Wins With COM Ep 53

  I had a conversation with a client the other day who was struggling to get good quality leads in the door. You see, what was happening was when leads we’re coming into the gym – they would show them around the facility, do a gym tour – look at the treadmills and the bikes and […]