How to Get the Most Out of Social Media | Quick Wins With COM Episode 75

Whether you are a gym owner, personal trainer or studio owner, everyone has a story to tell. If you tell this story well you can attract potential clients and make sales! You need to make people go: I know who you are, I know your story and I’m interested in buying off you. Recently Richard […]

How to Make Your Business Stand Out?| Quick Wins With COM Episode 74

What is your business’ point of difference? Do you stand out in your customer service, events, community or programs? Is your uniqueness something you are showcasing? In this episode of QWWC Richard is in Christchurch, he is visiting a lot of different fitness and wellness locations in New Zealand. He noticed a lot of things […]

Getting Your Content Out |Quick Wins With COM Episode 73

The fitness industry is very competitive and we often have many people asking, how can I attract more clients? The answer is clear – Get your content out there! Put your content on any and every social media platform to showcase your business. So now you’re asking – How do I do this?  Create your […]

How To Become an ‘Overnight’ Success

  Recently I visited one of our COM Ninja members in Shellharbour and was fascinated when I walked into her office to see all these certificates on the wall. She obviously puts a huge emphasis on upskilling herself and it has paid off when it comes to her business. It’s not educating for the sake […]

Stop Competing And Find Your Position Of Power Instead | QWWC Ep 67

I’ve worked with hundreds of fitness business owner over the years and one of the biggest complaints I get is ‘How Do I Stand out From My Competition.’ There are a sea of personal trainers and gyms out there – so how do you make yourself known to leads and potential customers? The answer lies […]