How Commercial Asset Finance Has Changed – Industry Change Ep 1

This week I am proud to launch the first episode of COM’s new show Industry Change.This is a show that is dedicated to interviewing industry leaders on changes that are occurring in their specific industry. We’re talking to masters of business who have prospered by adapting to changes in their industry.

In the first episode, I am proud to announce that our guest is President of CAFBA, David Gandolfo. CAFBA is an industry body of professional leasing/finance brokers who represent the interests of its members by assisting with regulatory, governmental matters, bank and finance companies issues. CAFBA survives by continuously and proactively lobbying governments at all levels on behalf of its members to create changes in the industry that will benefit members. As a leader in their industry, they are often sought out by the media for comments on industry related issues.

If you’d like to watch the full interview please click the video above.


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