Creating a Disneyland Experience In Your Fitness Business | Quick Wins with COM Ep 55

I was in Disneyland recently, and one thing you should know about Disneyland is that as soon as you walk in the gates you are struck by the experience and magic of it all. It’s like being transported into a completely different world.

We can all learn a little from the Disneyland experience that we can implement into our fitness businesses. One of the things that Disneyland does super well is add-ons.

To keep the magic feeling of Disneyland you can buy a Mickey or Minnie mouse to take home with you – so you can have that experience and that feeling wherever you go.

What add-ons are you providing your clients, apart from a fitness workout, that helps them to reach the outcome that they desire? Because you can bet that they didn’t just sign up to your gym because they liked the equipment. They wanted to achieve some sort of result – whether that be weight loss, weight gain, or just being able to run around with the kids again!

So the more you can provide for them in order for them to reach their outcomes, the more likely you are going to have a client for the long haul. But what kind of add-ons and up sells can you provide for your clients?

Towel Washing Service. A lot of people come to the gym in the morning and then have to carry their wet towel around with them all day in their gym bag. Why not add a few extra dollars to their membership and provide a towel washing service?

Team up with a food company. Not everyone has the time or the desire to cook meals for themselves and food is a HUGE part of most people’s journey to their outcome. Team up with a company that can provide food for your clients and charge them extra for it.

Just like that, with a few simple add ons you have now created the Disneyland experience in your gym or fitness business – a magical place where people can achieve their dreams!

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