Creating The Story For Marketing ft Nigel Benton | Industry Change Ep 15

In the eyes of Nigel Benton, publisher of Australasian Leisure Management, there are endless great stories to share. Everyone has a story to tell. While some may be able to share their own, others may be too close to see the amazing story right in front of them.

The leisure industry plays a very significant role in the economy as well as peoples individual social and community benefits. Whether you are going to fitness clubs, sporting games, children play centres, participate in recreational activities or attend shows and entertainment programs it’s all classified as leisure. In the industry producers are providing an experience to consumers who are making those decisions on a daily, weekly, and monthly bases.

Having worked in the publishing industry for over twenty years, Nigel equates his secrets of success to content. In a time were technology and digital communication is on the rise, one may think that printed media is on its way out. For Nigel, the exact opposite seems to be true. The Australasian Leisure is only getting stronger. Success doesn’t just happen overnight and is not limited to one factor. While some may tell you that newspapers and publishers are struggling, in the business to business space people want to engage with good content. When it comes down to it every story needs quality content. Engaging with lengthy and informative content online can be difficult for viewers to remain alert and interested. Typically, people only stay engaged with online content for a very limited and short period of time. Due to this, longer and more informed pieces of information work better in print. In addition, the demographic of people who make decisions on buying big items of equipment or on major projects tend to be older and tend to be people who have grown up with print as the major form of communication.

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As communication is changing it is still fundamentally the same. No matter what platform you are gathering information from, whether it’s the newspaper, Facebook, google, or magazines, it’s all about content. Readers want content that is reliable, relevant, and informative. People want content that is going to help them make better informed decisions, especially when in the leisure industry. Whether a large or small business you are delivering a product or service that people are benefitting from, and that is a great story to tell.

So how do you know when you have a good story to tell? While you can spend all of you time and money ensuring you company looks good online and on print you need quality information and content to get the leads you want. Sometimes people are too close to their own stories. In order to find that story or content we need to take a step back. Within the fitness or personal training industry sharing stories such as the success of your business, how you have helped a member achieve a big weight loss goal, become part of a major event, or how your program has been a personal success are great stories to tell. Everyone in this day and age is desperate for content, and as the fitness industry is continuing to grow there is increasing content to share that the media is keen to use.

Just try it. The best way you are going to get your story out there to consumers is by starting with who, what, where, why, and when. Every story can be broken down to those five basic things. There are a wide range of platforms to use that will share your own stories and content. It’s important to focus on the fundamentals, and not getting distracted by all of the technical aspects. Focus on what you are actually doing and why it’s important. It’s as easy as that. Get your content out as far and wide as you can. Use as many platforms as you can and you will reach more of your targeted audience.

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