Get The Most From Your Videos – Quick Wins With COM Ep 45

This Week on Quick Wins With COM I go through some easy ways to generate more content from videos.

These are six methods all businesses should be using to help them get the most out of online video.

  1. Create Content in Batches

It’s much better to film videos in batches of four or five. Doing so will allow enough time to schedule editing and post production while making sure that the video itself is uploaded on time. Filming in batches will take less time away from running your business in the long run.

  1. Publish Your Content

Now that you’ve made all these great videos it’s time to share them. Upload videos to sites like YouTube and Facebook. Places with a lot of traffic will increase the chances of your content being seen. Remember to upload the video to each platform separately, don’t just make a post with a link, people are less likely to watch something if they have to go out of their way. Keep videos native to the respective platform it’s being shared on.

  1. Smile for the Camera

It’s best to create content when you’re in a good mood. These are customers you are communicating with so make sure that you’re on camera persona reflects your customer service values. Take advantage of filming times and take interesting photos that suit your brand. You can share these across social media or use them as video thumbnails and content for blog posts.

  1. REV

A great resource for transcribing your videos. REV charges $1 per minute of video. Use the transcription to create content for a blog or website, great for adding subtitles that make your content more accessible.

  1. Use Your Website

Take everything you’ve just created and use it on your website.

  1. Create Audience Engagement

Share the video on your social platforms. Always link back to your blog/website. The more traffic those sites get the more customers are going to call you, or purchase your products. It’s all about getting eyes on your business.

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