How To Create Content For Your Fitness Business (& Save Money) | Quick Wins With COM Ep 71

I’ve literally been harping on about content for the last 10 years… ever since we launched Australia’s first video personal training directory in 2008. At the time very few people had smartphones and video wasn’t something you could just unlock your phone and start recording.

We ended up travelling all around Australia filming intro videos for personal trainers because we believed that profiles with videos outperformed videos without them. And it turns out we were right. The more trainers who had videos on their profiles and updated their profiles with helpful content – the more leads they received.

Fast forward 10 years and video is more prevalent than ever! And anyone with a smartphone can literally start recording. The barrier to entry is certainly lower – and yet most fitness business owners I talk to still don’t use video in their marketing! Considering that 80% of the content that is consumed on the internet is video – it’s time to get on that video train!


By creating videos that teach and entertain (not sell) you can very quickly build an audience of people who know, like and trust you. And we all know that people buy from people they know like and trust right? Having an already built audience can be handy for when you do actually want to advertise your next challenge or your studio opening – because you already have a hungry group of people who love your brand and are ready to purchase.


Because it’s easier than ever to create videos, it means there is more video content than ever and not all of it is relevant to your audience or adds value. Be careful not to just be creating video for the sake of creating video. But have a purpose in mind when you’re in front of (or behind) the camera. Before you start recording it’s important to know the type of video you are creating, what content you will share and who your audience is.


People consume videos that have relevant to them and add value in some way. Sometimes that value is teaching them something (for example, the right way to do a squat), other times that value is purely entertainment (for example, a funny video with all the type of people who are in the gym). Remember you are not selling with this content, it is purely bringing awareness to your brand.

Don’t wait another 10 years to implement video into your business. Get started today and start building that audience of fans who know, like and trust you!

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