How To Cut Your Gym Marketing Budget in 2018 | Industry Change Ep 11 with Justin Tamsett

This week on Industry Change, Richard talks with Justin Tamsett who is the founder of Active Management and part of the fitness industry for 30 years! Just is a business coach for gyms and personal trainers and travels the world teaching business owners how to retain clients and run a more successful club.

Last year alone he trainer in more than 70 clubs!

Everyone knows someone who has a gym membership, but never goes. It’s become a standard in the industry and something that gym managers have become quite used to. What JT reveals to Richard is the shift that is happening among gyms right now. You see, when your members actually attend your gym, they start to see actual results, then they tell their friends, and suddenly their friends are also attending your gym. And BOOM, just like that – you’re reducing your marketing spend.

Well, it’s easy enough to say you need more people to actually set foot in your gym, but how do you make that happen in reality? JT and Richard reveal four tips for getting more people into your gym:


1. The Onboarding Process

How you welcome people from the moment they sign up is critical for the long term success of them at your club. It’s important to make sure they feel comfortable, that they know where everything is, how they can get help, who to speak to, what the etiquette is, etc.


2. Create A Community

Love it or hate it, you can’t ignore the fact that people love Crossfit. And it’s not just because they love the high intensity workout. People want to feel ‘part’ of something. They might come for the equipment and the workout, but they stay because of the community.

3. Time To Grow Up

Ok, real talk here. It’s time to move your business from the kitchen table into the board room. OK, so not literally. But as a fitness professional you need to shift your mindset from the kitchen table and act like a CEO. Yes, your passionate about fitness, but to be successful you’re also going to have to increase your business acumen to keep up with the big players.

4. Create Unique Experiences

We get it, as a fitness professional it’s important that your clients are performing the right form and technique. But if you’re constantly correcting form in classes, instead of creating fun, unique experiences – it won’t be long before that get’s super boring. Make workouts fun, high five your clients, laugh, have fun. You can guarantee they’ll go to work and tell Suzi how great your class is.

What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to getting people to step foot in your gym? Leave a comment below 👇

And for more info on Justin Tamsett you can go to his website <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Active Management</a>.

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