Niche Down To Scale Up | Quick Wins With COM Episode 69


Some of the most fearful times in my businesses was choosing a niche. Won’t limiting my audience limit the amount of people I can reach and in the long run – how big my business can grow? The reality was quite the opposite. When I took the time to choose the right niche – my businesses grew (alot). You see, when you are one business in a million it’s hard to be number 1. But when you choose a group of people that you can solve multiple problems for you become the go to business in that area or niche.

Niching is about solving multiple problems for the same people. The great thing about a niche  is that when you choose similar people to serve, they tend to all have the same problems – which means you have the opportunity to solve those problems.

Don’t be afraid to niche in your business – in fact embrace the opportunity to really serve your people!

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