Systems To Scale Up Your Fitness Business With Chris Muddell of Employsure | Industry Change Episode 16

On this episode of Industry change I chat with sales and performance expert РChris Muddell from Employsure. We talk all about the systems that you need to have in place in order to scale. As solo business operators there can be a real fear around growing our business, bringing on new staff and the obligations that might mean. I mean, we went into business because we were good at what we did Рnot because we wanted to be writing employment contracts all day.

I call Chris the ‘magic man,’ Not only because he’s a great sales guy, but also because he understands what it takes to scale a business with the right systems in place so that employee relationships run smoothly and businesses uplift and grow. He’s a genius at pinpointing and reverse-engineering the right behaviours in order to facilitate growth.

Inevitably if you want to scale and grow your business you are going to have to think about bringing on people to help you, whether that be contractors, employers, part time staff, etc. As a business owners you need to know not only legally what your obligations are – but how to run those employee relationships smoothly so that you you’re not stressed out all the time dealing with staff.

The key to making this happen is setting the right expectations for employees from the start. A good employee handbook is KEY to making this happen that outlines the correct behaviours for all staff and the consequences of not following through. When you establish this from the start and follow through on it, you can easily scale your business with new employees.

Best of all Employsure can help you at every step of the way from developing guidelines to writing contracts, getting sign offs from employees and following through on making sure it’s adhered to. This¬†takes a lot of the fear out of scaling the business when you have a trusted partner with you at each stage.

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