The Key To Reducing Your Marketing Spend With Tarek Chouja | Industry Change Ep 18

I was lucky enough to sit down with my good friend and Co-Founder of Functional Training Institute, Tarek Michael-Chouja to talk about their new book that launched this week!

Tarek is one of the innovators of functional training and shares his message not only across Australia, but globally.

The truth about marketing is that if you have a bad product then you will continually pay higher prices for marketing and it will always be an uphill battle. The better that you can be at your craft and the better coach you can be – the easier it will be to market your business.

A book like this takes time and effort and has been, in fact, three years in the making. Tarek shares with me some of the key ideas that has made it possible to produce such a great book.


In order to be world class you’ll need to drop your ego and focus on collaboration. Tarek has been able to collaborate with many people over the years which has not only resulted in this book, but also in being able to build a world class training organisation.


Having a wholehearted dedication to your craft creates a transformation mindset that causes you to strive for progress over perfection.

Watch the video to discover the 5 pillars of functional training and don’t forget to grab yourself a copy for just $0.99c 👉

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