The Secret Page On Your Website That Will 10x Your Conversions – Quick Wins with COM Ep 62

When you think about the hardest performing page on your website what page do you think about? Maybe the home page, maybe the services page or the contact page? But what if I told you that the hardest working page on your website is also the most under-utilised and probably not what you think it is?

Can you guess which page I’m talking about…

It’s the Thank You Page. You know that page that 99% of all your prospects will visit and you probably have some lame message about getting back to them in 24-48 hours?

Most businesses forget about this – but it’s actually one of the most important pages on your whole website and can make or break a new prospect or lead.

So let’s talk about some ways that we can maximise this page to increase your chances of converting new leads into your business.

The Quicker You Can Talk The Quicker They’ll Close

We’ve all seen the typical thank you message on the page saying ‘I’ll get back to you within 24-48 hours.’ But really who is waiting 2 days for someone to get back to them. We live in a microwave world where everyone expects everything instantly – so if you’re waiting 48 hours to get back to your potential new clients, that’s way too long.

Statistics show, that the person who can give the quickest response to a prospect usually wins the sale. So it makes sense to get back to people as quick as you can! This might mean that you have a mobile number they can text or even a Facebook Bot on the page on the page so they can get on the Fast Track and send you a facebook message.

Use Video to Increase Credibility & Infuse Your Personality

Forget about a boring old thank you page. Include a video of you thanking them for putting their details in, setting expectations for when you’re going to contact them and getting them SUPER pumped to speak to you. Sounds great right?

Here’s some things you should include in the video:

  • Thank them for taking the time to put their details in
  • Setup some expectations for when you’ll contact them
  • Point them in the direction of what to do next.

Remember that at this point, this is the most excited they will ever be about your services, so keep them on that high by keeping the energy high.

Give them options to connect with you on other platforms

If this is the point that they will be most excited then it makes sense to work with that and get them to follow you over on other platforms. This helps them to connect even more with you – just in case you can’t get them on the phone. Here’s a few ideas on how they could connect with you:

  • Social Media. Make sure you have your social media icons on the page and TELL THEM to follow you.
  • Facebook Groups. If you’ve got any private Facebook groups, invite them to join. This gives you a 10x chance of getting them into your community.
  • Case Studies. Link to some case studies on your website so they can hear stories of people just like them and how you helped.
  • Content. If you’re producing regular content like a video, blog or podcast then point them to some of your most popular episodes or ask them to subscribe. This builds you up as a MASSIVE authority.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be using the thank you page to increase the conversions in your business – most people are not utilising this page. So stay ahead of the pack by making a few small changes.





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