The Secret To Marketing Your Fitness Business, How To Create Value For Your Clients | Quick Wins With COM Ep 54


If you want to create a consistent flow of leads for your personal training business it’s not just about the best and latest online marketing tactics. You must provide REAL VALUE. It is simply the fastest, most effective, cheapest way to market your personal training or gym business.

By providing value, you create raving fans and in turn your clients become your marketing department. They can’t help but tell people about your services. Suddenly referrals are coming in, they are giving testimonials to their friends about how great you are and why all their friends should also train with you.

But just giving good service isn’t enough – you have to go above and beyond what people are expecting. It’s the unexpected value that gets people talking. When you make an unexpected phone call, or congratulation them on their latest job promotion, or stop by their work with a coffee… just because.

Those unexpected things are the difference between just good service and an creating raving fans for your business.

How to provide unexpected value to your clients


  • Think beyond what everyone else is doing

Everyone else is sending out birthday text messages, so think beyond that and go to their workplace with a little card and gift – that is the kind of thing that not many people are doing.

  • Small acts of kindness go a long way.

People appreciate small things that you do for them. Wish them luck before a big job interview, call them to see how they are going. Those things are completely free but brings you into their circle.

  • Show you care and make your clients feel good in all areas of their life, not just in the training session.

Don’t just think about what you can do in terms of your training, get involved in other aspects of their lives – so that they don’t just think of you when they train, but also throughout the day. It’s the key to winning them over as raving fans.

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