The Secrets To Online Success For Personal Trainers | Quick Wins with COM Ep 57

I was recently in San Diego at Social Media Marketing World conferene, and it’s not surprise that a lot of the speakers and conversations that I had revolved around how to use your online presence to create quality leads. And it got me thinking about whether you need to have a million followers on Instagram or 100k on Facebook – or is it better to have more quality conversations with less people – in short ‘Does Size Matter?’

1. Have quality conversations with the right people

You could spend all your time getting to that elusive 1000 subscribers on YouTube or 1 million followers on Instagram. But if you’re not engaging in quality conversations – those subscribers or followers don’t mean a thing – nothing. In marketing we call likes and followers – vanity metrics. They look nice, but they are never going to get you more clients in the gym.

The key on these social media platforms is not more followers, but more quality conversations with people. A small engaged audience is going to bring you a better return, than a huge amount of followers that you don’t have conversations with. Focus on quality and engagement, rather than just building followers and likes.

2. Have conversations in small groups

Your Facebook Page is great for broadcasting information – but you need to find other platforms where you can have conversations with smaller groups. Facebook Messenger is great for this. You can have a few people in a conversation together to create community and quality conversations.

Facebook Groups are also great for quality conversations with smaller groups of people. At COM we find keeping your groups smaller means you can have real quality community conversations together.

3. Have real conversations

Do you know how many conversations you need to have in order to get a new lead or sale into the gym or your class? If not – you won’t get very far online. Working out your numbers means that you can be laser focused. If you can work out how many conversations you need in order to get a sale in the gym – then you don’t need to focus on ‘making sales’ – which can be hard. Instead you focus on having conversations knowing that a percentage of those people will turn into sales.

As you can see – Size Does Matter when it comes to growing your PT Business – and smaller is better.

What do you think? Are you having more conversations on social media these days rather than just broadcasting information? Let me know in the comments.

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