S2 Ep 21: Clear Your Space To Clear Your Mind

Clutter can affect our ability to think clearly. Whether it’s physical or digital clutter – it can result in difficulty in getting things done. In this episode, Richard talks about how clearing your space also clears your mind. Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast & leave a 5 Star Review if you liked it! 👉 Find […]

S2 Ep 20: Break The Pattern And Boost Your Confidence

You check your competitors and you realise they’re doing better than you. What do you do with this information? Do you gloat and feel like you can’t do better? You might need to take a look at how you build your own confidence. In this episode, Richard shares how you can break the pattern by […]

S2 Ep 19: Celebrate Your Wins With Badges

Have you been running on a hamster wheel? With everything that needs to be done in your business, being busy has become a lifestyle. But despite this, allow yourself time to recognise the goals you’ve achieved. In this episode, Richard shares about using the ‘badge system’, similar to when he was in cub scout. It’s […]

S2 Ep 17: The Perfectly Imperfect Theory

Are you a perfectionist who obsesses over tiny details? Being too meticulous can only slow you down. In this episode, Joey joins Richard as they talk about the perfectly imperfect theory – how to overcome perfectionism and why you should focus more on connection than perfection. Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast & leave a 5 […]

S2 Ep 16: Stop Working So Hard, Work Smarter Instead

Have you been working so hard you feel you’re on the edge of burnout? There’s a workaround to get through the peak seasons, and it’s to work smarter. Listen to this episode as Richard talks to Joey as she shares her experience being hospitalized because of burnout and the lessons she learned. Don’t forget to subscribe […]

S2 Ep 15: Stop Running Marketing Funnels That Don’t Work

Let’s admit it, most fitness business owners do their marketing blindly without giving it much thought then hope and pray it works. That’s treading on thin ice and slowly kills your business. In this episode, Richard shares what you need to do to make sure your marketing funnels are working and what to do with […]

S2 Ep 14: Making Marketing Easy Using Your Personality Type

Does your business name reflect the personality of your brand as well as the services you offer? Helen, one of COM’s coaches, who was also previously a COM Marketing Ninja, had to change her business name that aligns with her values, reflects her personality and her services.  Tune in to this episode as Richard and […]

S2 Ep 12: How To Retain Your Clients Through Recognition

In this episode, Richard talks about retention by recognising the work your members have done through awards and a better client referral program. When you think of an incentive program for referrals, offering cash isn’t always the best option. Offering unlimited sessions isn’t a good idea as well. Tune in and learn something new! Don’t […]