Tired of the same old studio marketing tactics? | Studio Success Secrets Ep 14 W/ Andrea Canini

Our latest episode of Studio Success Secrets takes us to Chiswick, New South Wales to have a chat with Andrea Canini, owner of M9 Fitness.

Andy has been in the fitness industry for several years now and one of his experiences was working for a local leisure center where he was sort of a Jack-of-all-trades and took care of almost everything. With that experience, he was able to have a good idea on how to run a business, how to talk to people, even managing the payroll.

M9 Fitness mostly focuses on the 40s to 50s age group and Andy has been doing a great job serving this demographic for 7 years. His studio has an amazing induction process where each member goes through a test to help M9 coaches decide the best program suited for the member.

When it comes to marketing his business, Andy has quite a lot of unique ways of doing it combining old-school and online marketing. One of them is putting QR codes with funny fitness jokes and quirky slogans on a coffee cup, which got him 2 members that have been with him for years.

His secret sauce? Never giving anything for free. For starters, that is. But once a member shows commitment and accountability that’s when the freebies start coming in – free merch, discounts, and more!

If you’re in Chiswick, M9 Fitness is worth checking out!

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