Why The Latest Instagram Hack WON’T Grow Your Fitness Business

There’s no doubt about it marketing looks very different in 2019 to what it did a few years ago – even a year ago! So what do you need to do in 2019 to level up your marketing? So many business owners are trying to play the short game with the newest Instagram tactics or the latest Facebook method.

But in order to win in 2019, you’re going to have to slow down and focus on playing the long game. What’s the long game look like? The long game is all about finding your uniqueness and leading from brand.


We all need leads and sales. But if you are asking for the sale without building your brand you might get leads – but you won’t get quality leads. You know the kind of leads who already know, like & trust you. The kind of leads who are just great to work with?

When you know your uniqueness and you lead with that through great, valuable content – then you can start asking for a sale, because you’ve built up the opportunity to sell to people.



Your uniqueness is all about finding the thing that makes you ‘you.’ You know that something that no one can compete with you on. For KFC it’s their special recipe. It’s your secret sauce. The easiest way to find this out is to ask your clients! Ask them why they train with you, compared to the other trainer down the road? Is it because you provide the best training sessions? Maybe you have great community? Maybe you’re super convenient. Ask them why and you’ll find your answers.

The short game may look impressive and solve a problem, but it will never last or get you the quality and consistency of leads that you’re looking for. Switch it up to the long game in 2019 of building brand and you’ll start to build the business you’ve always dreamed of.

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