Women’s Only Fitness Studio in Wollongong Doubled Members In 8 Months

Kylie Reh, owner of a women’s-only fitness studio ReKreate Women’s Fitness has found her biggest success in over 10 years in business by joining our COM Ninja Program. Before becoming a Ninja, her memberships were at about 120 and she was struggling to get the numbers up. She was working crazy hours and didn’t have time for her family because she was working every night.

She considered shutting down her business a thousand times over but after joining the COM Ninja Program, things start to change. She doubled her members in 8 months and rebranded her fitness studio to appeal to her audience more. During the program, she had her best month ever in business with 41 new members signed up! And after all these wins, she was even able to work fewer hours and spend more time with her family. No more working at night and a beautiful family holiday!

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