The Secret To Retaining Clients In A Gym | Quick Wins with COM Ep 61

Today I am in a gym talking about how to generate quality leads. You have all of your platforms and social media up and running. As well as launching your Facebook ads and now you have to generate leads. You want to have leads but you need to make sure those leads become a returning client. How are you going to do that?

You have to create a community, a place where people want to come back because they feel safe and are seeing results. Creating a community is all about having a motivated and positive vibe in the gym. People are like the domino effect. Once they talk about something they enjoyed or that they are getting results, people will follow because they want those results as well. What is part of generating a great community, it is providing a great service. People do not remember the good they remember the amazing, they remember the great. Create a great training session, a session that a person is going to feel accomplished, that they have left the session wanting to come back. You are not becoming a hotel with great service, you are showing your professionalism and motivation towards your clients.

You can do as many Facebook Ads, and social media posts, it all comes down to how you deal with landing those leads and making them come to a session and having them leave that session wanting to come back. I hope you have enjoyed this Quick Win and stay tuned for next week on new wins for your business!

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