Getting Raw TV Ep #46 Dr Avi Ratnanesan

In Episode #46 of Getting Raw TV Richard Marc Toutounji catches up with Dr Avi Ratnanesan and speaks about bridging the gap between the wellness industry and medical industry, being a business owner, having a passion for your business and how to build your brand within the market place. Click here to tune into the […]

Getting Raw TV Ep #9 Andrew Simmons, Vision PT

In this Getting Raw favourite Richard sits down with Vision PT founder Andrew Simmons to find out some inside secrets to the success of the franchise business. Click here to watch the episode

Getting Raw TV Ep #5 Sam Wood – Gecko Fitness

A few years ago Richard met with Sam Wood, now widely recognised as Australia’s Channel 10 Bachelor. Reminisce on his past with an exclusive interview with Richard and Sam from Gecko Fitness in Episode #5 of Getting Raw. Find out about how you can increase members in your gym and 3 errors to avoid in […]