Train Smarter Not Harder | Studio Success Secrets Ep 16 W/ Adriano Rizzo (PT Special)

In this special episode of Studio Success Secrets, we feature one of our successful ninjas, Adriano Rizzo, a personal trainer & owner of Rizzfitness.  Adriano started his fitness journey at 16 years old, wanting to look better, and wasn’t feeling happy with his weight. Now, he’s been a qualified trainer for 9 years. With […]

EMS Training: Fad Or Future? | Studio Success Secrets Ep 15 W/ Sigrid Chamber

This week’s episode of Studio Success Secrets takes us to Drummoyne to visit a progressive studio that uses technology to enhance its members’ health and wellness.  Sigrid Chambers is the owner of Exolt EMS and got into the fitness industry after her stint as a professional gymnast and a gymnastics coach. Exolt EMS is […]

Niched Down = Scale Up | Studio Success Secrets Ep 11 With Andrea Hutchinson

In this episode of Studio Success Secrets, we visit Andrea Hutchinson, the owner of LiveBreath Health & Fitness right in the heart of Randwick on Alison Road. Her studio is known for it’s very unique equipment.  By zeroing in on her target market of women, Andrea has been able to significantly scale her studio. […]