How To Become an ‘Overnight’ Success


Recently I visited one of our COM Ninja members in Shellharbour and was fascinated when I walked into her office to see all these certificates on the wall. She obviously puts a huge emphasis on upskilling herself and it has paid off when it comes to her business.

It’s not educating for the sake of educating. But really putting yourself in a position where that education leads to growth in your business. For instance, I saw row upon row of certificates for different workout types – Yoga, Pilates, etc. Which means that she is able to offer the widest range of group classes in the Wollongong area – because she has taken the time to upskill and get accredited in all these workout styles.

You see success can sometimes look like an overnight job, but the reality is that it happens through a lot of hard work, determination and often sacrifice.

Watch the video to hear the full story.


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