Old-school marketing STILL works in 2021 | Studio Success Secrets Ep 13 W/ Yvonne Cenciotti

In this episode of Studio Success Secrets, we visit Yvonne Cenciotti, owner of a Stepz Fitness franchise in Thornleigh. Yvonne has been in the fitness industry for over 30 years and still loves to be hands-on in the gym.

Stepz is a traditional 24/7 gym model, but Yvonne has implemented a hybrid studio model into the gym, where they have a dedicated group training room. She enjoys group training with her members because she can connect with them on a personal level and they are so much more engaged in their health and fitness.

When it comes to marketing her fitness business, she mixes a bit of old-school marketing with online efforts. She sends out flyers from time to time, reaches out to people, gets herself involve in clubs, parent groups, community events, fairs… You name a community event, Stepz Thornleigh will surely be there. What Yvonne loves about getting involved in the community is aside from getting her business out there, she is also able to help out. So it’s definitely a win-win situation.

Watch this latest episode and find out how you can be successful when opting for a franchise. And if you’re in Thornleigh, definitely check out Stepz. They have attention-grabbing banners outside you can’t miss!

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