How To Shift Your Reality – Quick Wins With COM Ep 42

Tune into to this week’s Quick Wins With COM where Richard explains how your stubborn mindset is hindering your ability to change your reality.

As business owners, we are constantly looking towards the future and how we can make those 10% changes in our business in order to be successful. But in order for these changes to work you have to set up the right mindset so that you can implement these changes. In order to do something that we have never done before we have to break down our stubborn mindset, that is always telling us to stick to the way we’ve always done things, and do something different.

You have to change up your reality so that your business can change. Re-educate yourself in a new concept of thinking that is outside the box of what you usually do. The best way to do this is to surround yourself with people who think differently. Create a proximity of people that are in a different industry, or people who do something different so that they can really challenge your way of thinking.

This week I challenge you to try to think differently, see how it goes for you.

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