Train Smarter Not Harder | Studio Success Secrets Ep 16 W/ Adriano Rizzo (PT Special)

In this special episode of Studio Success Secrets, we feature one of our successful ninjas, Adriano Rizzo, a personal trainer & owner of Rizzfitness.

Adriano started his fitness journey at 16 years old, wanting to look better, and wasn’t feeling happy with his weight. Now, he’s been a qualified trainer for 9 years.

With a lot of competition out there, how did Adriano stand out? He’s formulated the “Rizz System” which guarantees results. He’s obsessive over details and tracks his clients’ calories and workout down to the very last detail which is why he is able to transform his clients into a better version of themselves – every time!

What’s unique about Rizzfitness is he aims to train smart and not harder. He equips himself with new and unique workout tools that reduce the time spent on the gym but still achieve the fitness goals. He’s developed different Pod Training as well which are small group PT training with clients aiming for the same fitness goal.

If you want serious results, check out Rizzfitness at Bodyfit Miranda!

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